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Here's our Plan for your order

Below are the steps we will follow to check to execute the order for you. 

Step One:

We will reach out by email or phone to get all the necessary information, such as site location, condition, number of cubicles needed and actual measurements. These information will allows us to create an accurate quote and insure that the cubical are a perfect fit for the space. 

Step Two:

You will receive the quotation and shop drawing from our engineers. At this point you can make any adjustments needed and review the final drawings. 

Step Three:

Once the quotation and shop drawings are approved you can transfer the amount and receive a committed installation date. 

Step four:

On the scheduled installation date, Gyptech will deliver the materials and install the toilet cubicles on the site. You can expect a fast and efficient installation process, with minimal disruption to their business operations.

Thank You

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